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Improving Mental Health Through Beekeeping

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One of the comments we most frequently hear after our experience days is how unexpectedly calming and peaceful people have found it.

It may be surprising when you’ve got 50,000 bees flying around you as you temporarily dismantle their house, but keeping bees has been proven to have countless benefits to one’s well-being and mental health.

In fact, keeping bees has been found to reduce stress, ease anxiety and even help treat PTSD in army veterans!

When you put on a bee suit and open up a hive, it really does feel like the rest of the world just melts away. You’re surrounded by nature, working methodically through the hive with nothing more than a gentle hum of buzzing to hear, which allows you to switch off your mind and be present in the moment.

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Last month, Knight’s Beekeeping was invited to run a session at the Cirencester Growth Hub Wellbeing Day to teach everyone about how beekeeping can nurture both the planet and our mental health.

Opening the hives at the Royal Agricultural University, Martin talked attendees through the intricate workings of a bee colony, the different areas of the hive and the remarkable synergy between these tiny creatures and our ecosystem.

Fiona McIntyre, a fine artist and graphic designer, said after the session “I absolutely loved it! It was really inspiring, just really interesting getting to see inside the beehive like that.”

We want everyone in the Knight’s Beekeeping community to be able to feel as connected to their bees and the environment as we do, so when you become a member, you’re able to join us on experience days at the apiary, where we’ll help you suit up and see your bees up close as we take you on a tour of their home.

In a world that’s moving at an increasingly frantic pace, finding solace in nature has become an essential part of maintaining our mental and emotional balance, and many members of our community have remarked on how much calmer, grounded and more present they and their colleagues felt after their session.

If you’re interested in joining our mission to pollinate the UK by having your own bees, take a look at our different plans, or if you’re already a member and haven’t done so already, book in your experience day by getting in touch today!