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Employee Wellbeing Programme


Support your employees’ wellbeing with Knight’s Beekeeping

Knight’s Beekeeping gives you and your team the opportunity to see your very own bees in action and try your hand at beekeeping as part of your included Experience Days.

What happens on a Knight’s Beekeeping Experience Day?

Once you and your team have pulled on your bee suits and laughed at one another doing the obligatory spaceman walk, one of our experienced beekeepers will open up your hive and take you on a fascinating tour of your bees’ intricate world.

From the honey frames to the nurseries, we’ll take you layer by layer through the hive as we give you all the facts that make the honey bee (we think) the most amazing creature on the planet.

Filled with knowledge and, we hope, an even greater appreciation for the honey bee’s crucial role in our world, we finish the session with a taste of Knight’s wildflower honey on fresh home-baked bread.

How does Knight’s Beekeeping improve employee wellbeing?

Our Experience Days are more than just a fun break from the office and an excellent team-building experience.

Studies have shown that beekeeping can improve mental health, proving to be highly effective in reducing stress, alleviating anxiety, and even assisting in the treatment of PTSD in army veterans.

Our aim is to take people out of their everyday environment so they can leave everything behind and focus on the present. Many of our clients come to the session straight from a full morning of meetings and strategy work, but will come alive and leave fully energised by the end.


“The morning was amazing! We learnt so much and Martin was so engaging in the way he described everything and we could ask questions of all sorts. It was really lovely to see all the work he’s doing and taste the delicious honey so thank you very much!”

Martin Knight, Founder

“Keeping bees really is one of the best things you can do to take your mind away from the everyday. Looking after another living creature is so fulfilling and rewarding. I’ve found it brings people together from all walks of life with this one common interest. I’ve never done a session in silence. The excitement and joy these sessions bring to even those who knew nothing before is incredible.”

Get in touch

If you are interested in trying your hand at beekeeping or just want to try delicious honey straight from the source, get in touch with us today to arrange your team’s experience day. For more information, visit our plans and prices page.






Come and see your bees in action at our experience days

Included in our Enhanced and Premium plans, the 3-hour sessions will see up to 10 of you slip on your bee suits to get an up-close look at the intricate workings of your hive.

Our team will open up the hives and teach you all about the life cycle of the honey bee, where the queen lives, where honey is made and more, peppering you with all the facts that make the honey bee one of the most amazing species on the planet.

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“We’re incredibly proud to have bees on our farm, working alongside nature to keep the soil healthy and wildlife buzzing.”
“Seeing bees at The Wave makes me hopeful that we can rebuild our natural environment.”
“The importance of nature and protecting beauty in everyday living is incredibly important to our business. We strive to continue to do good.”
“Knight’s Beekeeping has given us a wonderful additional experience and asset to the hotel for both our guests and our teams.”
“Martin is brilliant! From his vast knowledge of all things bees and honey, to his kind nature and patience, I can’t recommend Knight’s Beekeeping highly enough”
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