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Helping Mission: Net Zero Achieve Carbon Neutrality In Hospitality

4 min read

At Knight’s Beekeeping, we’re committed to helping you and your business achieve your sustainability, net-zero and corporate social responsibility (CSR) goals. That’s why we’re partnered with Mission: Net Zero, an organisation that consults and supports businesses within the hospitality sector as they strive to achieve carbon neutrality.

We sat down with Mission: Net Zero to discuss their mission and the role Knight’s Beekeeping will play in its success. Here’s what they had to say:

What is your mission as an organisation?

We want acting responsibly and sustainably to become second nature to our clients.
It’s our mission to help hospitality and other real estate sectors decarbonise quickly, credibly and consistently to meet their net-zero commitments. By working with our expert team, clients are supercharging their business operations to demonstrate environmental, sustainability and social impact credentials through internationally recognised Ecolabel certification.

Why is this mission important to you, your clients and the planet?

The race to net zero can sometimes feel overwhelming and like a never-ending, gruelling, up-hill ultra-marathon. We’re all in training to slow down the irreversible effects humans are having on the planet. Our mission helps to keep both our colleagues and customers focused on the task at hand – to meet net-zero commitments – and as sustainability consultants, we get a buzz from encouraging positive change… if you’ll excuse the pun!

How does Knight’s Beekeeping help support your business goals?

Martin’s army of black and gold worker bees are a welcome addition to our own sustainability journey, but also to our clients’ ESG (environmental, social and governance) toolbox. By investing in a beehive, you’re helping to protect and restore honey bee populations, creating an interconnected network of flourishing apiaries across the country to pollinate the whole of the UK. More bees mean more pollinators, which enables our plants and flowers to reproduce and grow, encouraging the biodiversity that is vital for our ecosystem. Eco-certification for the hospitality sector includes strict criteria when it comes to demonstrating biodiversity and sustainable initiatives that support places and the planet, and Knight’s Beekeeping ticks both boxes – great news!

How does Knight’s Beekeeping benefit and impact your clients?

We’re fortunate that the hotel green teams we support are proactive and committed to reducing their carbon footprint. They also recognise bees are part of the biodiversity on which we all depend for our survival. Plus, it’s become a great team-building exercise for their teams when they’re visiting the apiary, suiting up and tending to the hives!

If you want to learn more about Mission: Net Zero and how Knight’s Beekeeping is working with them to achieve their goals, visit their website today.

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